InteliJet HD Benefits

Efficient Workflow: As a fully integrated multi-color VDP (Variable Data Printing) ink jet system, the InteliJet HD works sea mlessly with its PC based print design software and touch screen controls to achieve an easy to use VDP workflow.

InteliJet HD offers a simple and flexible workflow with both on-line and off-line modes. Users can print VDP jobs directly from the client PC. The InteliJet HD software also enables users to design and modify the print output templates using its extensive array of editing tools.

The InteliJet HD touch screen software installed on the system PC is specifically designed for Variable Data Printing. It offers the user a friendly interface to interactively control the InteliJet system, monitor its status, and set its many powerful print options. The touch screen software also allows users to prepare or add additional data while at the same time actively printing high productivity jobs.

InteliJet HD Color Features and Specifications

Print Head Module

  • Up to 12 - Print Heads.
  • Up to 630mm of Effective Print Width.
  • 300x600 DPI.
  • UV Ink Compatible.
  • 4-Drop Sizes (6,7,11,14 pL)
  • Full Color CMYK Printing.

Compact, Fully Integrated Ink system

  • Fully Integrated Vacuum and Pressure Systems (No External Pumps Required).
  • Active Negative Pressure Meniscus Control using Integrated Vacuum Pumps.
  • Automatic Head Shutoff Valves for Worry Free Operation.
  • Integrated Tank Heater for Use with Low Viscosity UV Ink's.
  • 1-Liter Ink Capacity to Maximize Productivity.
  • Drive Electronics Supporting up to 12 print heads.
  • Ink Purge Button.
  • Manual Head Capping Tray.
  • 20uM Encoder Providing Accurate Web Speed and Direction Information.

Web Advance Module

  • Web Shuffle Mechanism Facilitates Instant Curing Even When Mounted on an Intermittent Motion Host Machine.
  • Intelligent Stepper Motor Provides Precise Closed Loop Positioning for Accurate Print Registration.
  • Safety Interlocks Provide Operator Safety.

UV Curing System

  • 8 Watts / cm2 of Curing Power.
  • Slim yet Wide, Curing window.
  • LED Technology for Long Life and Reduced Power Consumption.
  • Ozone Free Operation (No External Venting Required).
  • Air-Cooled, Requiring no External Compressed Air or Water for Operation.
  • Maximum Curing Line Speeds of 25M/min.
  • UV Light Controller Provides Efficient Control of the LED Module.
  • Safety Interlocks for Operator Safety.
  • Web Movement Interlock to Prevent Web Damage During Unforeseen Web Stoppages.

Control Cabinet

  • AC Power Distribution Center Featuring the Following Specifications:
    • On/Off Switches for Each Integral Part of the InteliJet HD System.
    • Breaker Protection on Each Integral Part of the InteliJet HD System.
    • DC Power Distribution System.
    • 48VDC UV Curing Lamp Power Supply.
    • 48VDC Web Advance System Power Supply.
    • 24VDC Ink System Power Supply.
    • 24VDC Print Head Drive Power Supply.
    • 12VDC Print Head Drive Power Supply.

Quick Connection System

  • Easy AC Power Interface.
  • Quick and Easy Access to all Connections Between Control Cabinet and the Printer.
  • Secure and Protected Connections for Worry Free Operation.

Print System Controller

  • Industrial Grade Motherboard for Excellent Longevity in Demanding Environment's.
  • Powerful State of the Art Processor.
  • Large RAM For Quick Rendering of Print Jobs.
  • Large Solid State Hard Drive For Quick Boot-up and Recall of Print Jobs.
  • Rack Mount Enclosure Providing Excellent Protection for Vital Components.
  • Operator Display Monitor.
  • Pre loaded Printer Control Software.
  • Windows 64 Bit Operating System.
  • BELL-MARK InteliJet HD Print Server.
  • BELL-MARK InteliJet HD Label Creation Suite.
  • Advanced Control of Every Aspect of the Print and Print Head.
  • Multi-Head Support.
  • Multi-Resolution Support.
  • High Speed Print Driver.
  • Full Feature Render Engine.
  • High Speed Variable Data Rip Engine.
  • Full Control of Print Head Heater Temperature.
  • Full Control of Print Head Grey Levels.

Print Control and Layout Software

  • BELL-MARK Layout / Label Creation Tool Featuring the Following Specifications:
    • Multi-Image Importation, Resizing, and Rotation.
    • Step and Repeat Function.
    • Supports all the Most Common File types (BMP, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF).
    • Supports all types of Variable Information (Text, Barcodes, Date Codes, Serialization).
    • Supports CSV, Text File and User Entry Data Sources.
    • Supports Over 80 Types of Barcodes Including:
      • GS1-128, GS1-DataMatrix (2D)
      • EAN 13, EAN8, EAN14
      • Code 39, Code 128
      • UPC A
      • SSCC18
      • PZN
      • QR-Code

Inline Printing and Coding Specialists

For over 55 years, BELL-MARK has been developing innovative solutions for package and carton printing applications in the medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, meat, bakery, dairy and poultry packaging industries. BELL-MARK offers many in-line printing technologies including full color inkjet, thermal transfer, flexographic, and ink coder, all of which satisfy requirements to print directly onto package and carton substrates.


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