InteliJet TSX

for Semi-Automatic Bag Loader .

Traversing, Thermal Inkjet Print System for your Semi-Automatic Bag Loader

The IP67 rated InteliJet TSX for Semi-Automatic Bag Loader system make registering code dates easier than ever. User-friendly design provides quick operational speeds of up to 40 cycles per minute without impeding user operation. Increase output while providing legible prints on every package.

Traversing Path allows for uninterrupted bagging with operation speeds up to 40 cycles per minute!

InteliJet TS X Quattro

Harsh Environment HMI / Control Box

  • 10.4" IP67 rated touch screen with built in label creation software and updated user interface
  • Controls 4 or more print heads
  • Built in multi axis traversing system controller
  • Saves optional traversing settings with lavel
  • Multiple customized password levels
  • Individual pen ink level monitoring and diagnostics
  • Internet enabled network support and software update
  • Full (VDP) variable data printing capable
  • PC control system with solid state drive
  • Ethernet, RS232, or discreet I/O to connect to packaging line
  • Full data logging support
  • Hygienic design
  • Interactive help system and how to videos
  • C.E. marked
  • Smart chip ink management system

InteliJet TS Quattro HMI
InteliJet TS Screen

Label Creation

InteliJet TS Screen

Label Preview

InteliJet TS Screen

Pen Status

InteliJet TS Screen

How To Videos

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