CAD Draftsperson


  • Proficient in 3D Cad Systems; preferably SolidWorks.
  • Proficient in 2D Cad; AutoCAD, DraftSight.
  • Ability to create & detail drawings from solid models.
  • Ability to create solid models & drawings from pre-existing 2D models & drawings.
  • Creation of PDF versions of drawings.

Documentation Skills

  • Ability to Read, Understand, and Compose Product/Design Specifications.
  • Ability to Read/Draw Mechanical Part/Assembly Drawings.
  • Ability to Configure Product Structure, Create Part Numbers, and Create Bill of Materials.
  • Disciplined enough to maintain integrity of Digital and Hardcopy Files.
  • Proficiency with Desktop Office Applications (Example: Microsoft Office Suite)
Advanced Documentation Skills

  • Write product or design specifications.
  • Use graphic editor for pictures & images (i.e., Photoshop).

Communication Skills

  • Meet with Management, Sales, and customers to get and understand goals and report project status.
  • Support Service Technicians In-House and In-Field Clearly and Effectively.
  • Support Assembly Staff Clearly and Effectively.

Design Skills

  • Extensive mechanical design experience is not required but basic proficiency is.
  • Ability to learn existing products and their operation.
  • Understanding of Mechanical Limitations and Packaging.
  • Solve day-to-day problems encountered when using a desktop PC and office applications.


  • Participate in housekeeping of your own & shared areas.

For consideration,
please forward your resume and salary requirements to:

Matt Sibio

BELL-MARK Technologies

4500 West Canal Road

Dover, PA 17315

Phone: 717-292-5641 Ext: 227

Inline Printing and Coding Specialists

For over 55 years, BELL-MARK has been developing innovative solutions for package and carton printing applications in the medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, meat, bakery, dairy, and poultry packaging industries. BELL-MARK offers many in-line printing technologies including piezo inkjet, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, flexographic, and ink coder, all of which satisfy requirements to print directly onto package and carton substrates.


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