InteliJet LP HMI & print controller with integrated bulk ink system

7" color touch-screen

Print controller with integrated bulk ink system

InteliJet LP

High-speed, High-resolution, TIJ 4.0 Printer

The latest innovation from BELL-MARK is the InteliJet LP. Utilizing TIJ 4.0 technology with 22mm wide print heads, it is a high throughput variable data printing solution. With increased throw distance and a speed that is 4 times faster than TIJ 2.5 printers, it reduces operational costs while providing incredible print resolution in applications where quality is a major business driver.

InteliJet LP print heads
  • Print speeds up to 2400 FPM
  • 1,200 DPI resolution
  • 22mm print head width
  • Stitch up to 4 print heads, controlled by a single user interface
  • Up to 7mm throw distance
  • Lower cost bulk ink solution
  • Higher Efficiency
InteliJet LP printed sample

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TIJ 4.0 Print Technology

With a 7/8" print swath, a 1.5L ink supply, greater throw distance and improved print resolution, the InteliJet LP is designed exclusively for high production environments.

  • 22mm print width
  • Hot swappable bulk ink
  • Improved print quality and throw distance
  • 4 times faster than TIJ 2.5
InteliJet LP Specifications
Print Width 0.875" / 22mm
Resolution 1,200 DPI
Drop Size 6 pl
Frequency Jetting 72 kHz
Throw Distance Up to 1/4" / 7mm
Print head size comparison - TIJ 2.5 vs TIJ 4.0

High-quality, High-speed

The InteliJet LP supports up to 1,200 DPI resolution, giving you maximum quality at all times.

Print sample showing quality of printed text at various font sizes

For all production applications where throughput is critical, the printer is capable of ultra fast speeds to meet your productivity goals.

  • 1,200 DPI print resolution
  • Up to 2,400 FPM line speed
Horizontal Resolution Max Speed
ft/min m/min
1,200 300 92
600 600 183
300 1,200 366
150 2,400 732


Bulk Ink Solution

The InteliJet LP utilizes two 775 mL bulk ink supplies. As one empties, ink is fed automatically from the other, allowing continuous production and uptime.

InteliJet LP Bulk Ink Supply

Print Controller with Integrated Bulk Ink

Small footprint (15" x 10" x 9.5") industrial housing with dual bulk docking stations, power and monitoring LEDs.

Connectivity Panel

Encoder, Sensor, Daisy Chain, I/O, Ethernet, Stack Light

InteliJet LP Print Controller

7/8" (22mm) Stitch-able Print Head

Up to four 22mm print heads supported. Can be stitched. Low profile print capability at 0.65" from the conveyor.

3 Meter Umbilical

Carries ink & electrical signals.

Patented Pen Stall Design

Opening the cover retracts pogo pin contact board. This powers down the cartridge and protects the electronics and print cartridge from being damaged during insertion and removal.

InteliJet LP Print Heads

Advanced User Interface

The 7" color touch-screen HMI offers a powerful use interface which enables users to monitor a wide array of operating conditions, such as job types and counts. The HMI also includes label creation software. Use the touch-screen to easily preview and create print templates or import them via an ethernet connection or USB thumb drive.

InteliJet LP HMI touch-screen