InteliJet TS

Small Character Thermal Inkjet Printers for Marking and Coding Applications

Easy Installation, Zero Maintenance and Extreme Versatility make the BELL-MARK InteliJet TS line of printers the ideal solution to deliver high-quality:

  • Variable Data
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Lot Numbers
  • Date Codes
  • and Bar codes

Print on medical paper, Tyvek®, and most poly and foil webs.

InteliJet TS Print Head

InteliJet TSX

Harsh Environment Print Head

The InteliJet TSX IP67 rated print head is the ideal machine for in-line printing of all the variable information required for Meat & Dairy packaging industry.

  • All New, All Metal design
  • One cable connection
  • IP65 rated in Run Mode
  • IP67 rated during Washdown
InteliJet TS Washdown with Quattro
InteliJet TSX Parts

InteliJet TS Quattro

Harsh Environment HMI / Control Box

  • 10.4" IP67 rated touch screen with built in label creation software and updated user interface
  • Controls 4 or more print heads
  • Built in multi axis traversing system controller
  • Saves optional traversing settings with lavel
  • Multiple customized password levels
  • Individual pen ink level monitoring and diagnostics
  • Internet enabled network support and software update
  • Full (VDP) variable data printing capable
  • PC control system with solid state drive
  • Ethernet, RS232, or discreet I/O to connect to packaging line
  • Full data logging support
  • Hygienic design
  • Interactive help system and how to videos
  • C.E. marked
  • Smart chip ink management system
InteliJet TS Quattro HMI
InteliJet TS Screen

Label Creation

InteliJet TS Screen

Label Preview

InteliJet TS Screen

Pen Status

InteliJet TS Screen

How To Videos

InteliJet TS Samples


Orientation of Print

  • Rotate (any direction in 1° increments)

Print Resolutions and Speeds

  • 600x600 DPI at   25 IPS, 125 FPM, 0.635 M/S
  • 600x300 DPI at   50 IPS, 250 FPM, 1.27 M/S
  • 600x150 DPI at 100 IPS, 500 FPM, 2.54 M/S

Printable Items

  • All twenty-four Windows Unicode languages
  • Dynamic and fixed text
  • Dynamic and fixed bitmaps
  • Time/date stamp - fixed or real-time
  • Barcodes including 2D GS1 Data Matrix
  • Barcode width reduction feature for printing high quality barcodes on porous substrates

Printing Capability

  • Length:
    • 600 DPI = 27" (685.8mm)
    • 300 DPI = 54" (1371.6mm)
  • Height:
    • 0.5" per printhead


  • GUI interface software is included

Communication Interfaces

  • 10/100-Base T Ethernet, RS-232

Get the most our of your InteliJet TS™ with innovative BELL-MARK inks

  • Resin inks for non-porous surfaces including poly & foil
  • Water-based inks for porous surfaces including medical grade paper & Tyvek®
  • Unique formulas for optimum color, contrast or minimum bleed
  • Black ink is the default color, 14 spot color variations available to meet your specific requirements
  • PMS color matching available upon special request
  • UV & IR components for security and the ultimate in personalization
InteliJet TS Bulk Ink System

Available Bulk Ink System

  • Reduces the cost per print and change over time
  • 475mL or 800mL bulk ink supply depending on the ink
  • Can be used with a stationary or traverse print head

Optional Software

InteliJet TS Producer/Director

The InteliJet TS Producer separates template creation and control from day to day printing processes. Operating on any computer running Windows, it permits the creation of print templates that can be exported into the User Interface via an ethernet connection or by using a USB thumb drive.

Windows Print Driver

The Windows Print Driver allows the user to use third party software such as EASYLABEL and BarTender to create print jobs and then print them using the IPS hardware. Printing becomes as simple as using a desktop printer.

Remote Training & Support

BELL-MARK printers include remote training & support at no additional costs, only requiring an internet connection.