InteliJet TSP

Print Solutions for Form Fill Sealers

The high resolution InteliJet TSP printer from BELL-MARK provides a versatile and cost-effective, coding and marking solution for Vertical Form and Fill Sealers (VFFS). The units can be bolted into almost any VFFS machine with very little effort.

  • No traversing or ribbons to deal with
  • Lowest cost solution available
  • Millions of prints before cartridge change
  • Expandable design - 1 to 20 lanes
  • Fits new and retrofit FFS machinery

With no unreliable and expensive shuttling system, no complex ribbons to change and with a small footprint, a modular design with no moving parts to consider, the print solution gives maximum uptime with almost no maintenance.

InteliJet TS P

Simple and Solid Printer Integration

Replaces all Other Printers

If you have used other print technologies, then you know how costly it can get. Why pay more when you can get better throughput, zero maintenance, simple installation and guaranteed performance.

  • CIJ - No shuttling heads, no mess, no smell
  • TTO - No ribbons, no replacing of print heads
  • Laser - No high upfront hardware costs, no extraction systems
InteliJet TSP - 4 to 20 lanes

From 4 to 20 lanes

Better Throughput / Better ROI

The Print System can be running in a matter of seconds with the minimum of user intervention, always ensuring maximum productivity. With TIJ based print heads from BELL-MARK, you see only the ink you print.

  • Maximum uptime, zero downtime
  • No maintenance costs
  • Reduced consumable costs
Rapid replacement of cartridges - Access to InteliJet TSP via slide mount

Rapid replacement of cartridges

Access to TSP via slide mount

Simple Integration

Installing an InteliJet TSP into a new build or retrofit is a matter of providing a mounting plate for the slides to affix. Often the existing film path can be used with no additional rollers required.

  • Upgrade simply with minimal engineering
  • Slide mount allows for external cartridge access
  • Ideal for New-Build or Retrofit
Easy integration into existing equipment

Easy integration into existing equipment

One Solution for all FFS Applicationss

Print Specifications

Model Max Foil Width No of Lanes Supported Unit Size
TSP600 600mm 4 to 10 686mm x 210mm x 191mm
TSP800 800mm 8 to 12 866mm x 210mm x 191mm
TSP1000 1000mm 9 to 14 996mm x 210mm x 191mm
TSP1200 1200mm 13 to 20 1270mm x 210mm x 191mm

Horizontal Resolution Max Speed
m/min ft/min
600 dpi 46 150
300 dpi 76 50
150 dpi 152 00

  • Maximum Print Width
  • Maximum Print Height
  • Maximum No. of Lanes
  • 54.0mm
  • 12.7mm
  • 20

Space requirements for installation

TSP dimensions (203mm x 355mm)
InteliJet TSC Sample

Ink Usage Estimates

The following gives an estimate of the number of prints you can expect from a single cartridge, based on what you are printing.
For more information, contact your BELL-MARK sales representative.

Font Size Example Print Resolution No. images per cartridge
9pt JAN 07 2023 08:15 300 x 300 580,000
10pt LOT 66G7
EXP 07 JAN 2023
300 x 300 260,000
12pt USE BY 07 JAN 2023 7D 5766 300 x 300 185,000
18pt JAN 07 23
300 x 300 104,000
32pt 01/07/23 08:15 A 300 x 300 52,000
N/A 300 x 300 73,00

Remote Training & Support

BELL-MARK printers include remote training & support at no additional costs, only requiring an internet connection.